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I was born from Italian parents and trained as an actor and a creative at East 15, on the BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre course.  

I got into acting, pretty much by chance, in high school but it ended up changing my life and forcing me to rediscover and challenge myself, and to this day it still does. Here's a few weird and wonderful things I have learnt over the past few years; from sword fighting to walking in heels (not at the same time), horse riding, contact improvisation, balancing other humans on my shoulders, changing my voice and spoken accent, dancing and generally being able to not take myself too seriously (aka make a fool of myself )- which is possibly the greatest achievement I've undertaken. 


As an actor I've had the privilege of working with some amazing directors like Uri Roodner, Trilby James, Amit Lahav, David Broscombe, John Gillett, Rachel Parrish, Marcin Rudy and many others, playing a wide range of characters, from Shakespeare to new writing, from stage to screen, in English, Italian and French.

As an artist, I love becoming a part of someone else’s work, but I’m also excited about creating my own projects too.

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