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“Strange that you should not have suspected that the universe and its contents were only dreams, visions, fiction!”


Mark Twain - The Mysterious Stranger



My love for acting is my love for imagination and freedom. It's through acting, and in particular through my training at the Contemporary Theatre course at East 15,  that I've started seeing myself not just as a performer, but as a creator:  I rediscovered and cultivated my passion for writing and realised I was actually pretty good at it. 

Seeing people living in a world you've created and speaking the words you've written is an exhilarating feeling, and it gives me just as much satisfaction as playing a character someone else imagined.

I can talk about ideas and dreams all day, so below is what I've actively been working on!


Coming soon

The First Generation

I am currently adapting a play I wrote and staged in 2015 into a 12 part Sci-Fi epic. 

Can one anomaly destroy the whole system? In a futuristic and brutal society where the new generations are exploited to preserve the current status quo, a young woman rediscovers her instincts. For the first time in over two centuries, someone says NO. 



I had the pleasure to star in this witty commercial for the pool and syndicate betting company. 

It was an absolute joy to work with the whole team, such a fun day on set directed by awesome James Rawlings. Produced by Gaggle.


The Queen of Hearts

I played a very keen BDSM slave in this lifestyle mockumentary ​about the life a dominatrix who's convinced to be the personification of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Written by Meg Ellen Spencer and directed by Annabella Forbes for sustainable film company Gotsoul Films. Check these guys out, they're extremely talented AND environment friendl.

Some of my recent work


A stylish corporate film for the British banking group. 

Produced by The Edge Picture company and directed by Richard Crombie. 


UEFA-pro license role play

Third year in a row collaborating with Russell Watter and the talented team from Interactive Learning Solutions.


As usual, a great experience filled with banter, football stories and role playing with former football superstars like Steven Gerrard, Michael Carrick and Kolo Touré, amongst other brilliant future club managers.  

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Peroni Terzo Tempo

An online promo video for world famous Italian beer brand, a favourite drink at the Six Nations Rugby Championship. 

Peroni promotes inclusion, fair play​ and respect, in sport as well as in life.

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Kris Cieslak Art

I'm collaborating with artist Kris Cieslak. Kris' work focuses on the beauty and eroticism of the human body, decomposing it and putting it back together into painting. He's currently working with Louis Vuitton on a line of bespoke bags. Be sure to check his work, he's awesome.

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